The history of notable changes to FatBoy

Version: Changes:
0.786 Added "Finger Snap" sample on Electronic Drums (channel 19, bank 128, preset 24). Many thanks to Keppy for both the report and the sample.
0.785 Increased attenuation of GM reverse cymbal.
  • Micro-adjustments to attenuation on a few presets.
  • Altered velocity split on GM Flute to 50/50 rather than 75/25 to help account for some strangely performed MIDI (thanks to Darktalon for the report).
0.783 Acoustic grand updated for additional depth and clarity.
  • Corrected overlap with GM recorder and low-velocity flute, causing major auditory and attenuation issues with the former preset.
  • Adjusted spatialization of pan flute preset, which was incorrect.
  • 32 individual adjustments to fiddle sample start values for much more responsive attack.
  • Minor adjustment of reverse symbol attenuation to more closely match the relative attenuation of the Roland SC-55/88.
  • Finished spatializing presets for correct 3D placement in stereo (or greater) mixes.
  • Adjustments to reverb of many instruments for a more clean, consistent sound.
  • A few minor attenuation tweaks to certain sound-effect presets.
  • More spatialization of presets.
  • Reverb adjustments across several presets.
  • Fine pitch tuning of the low-velocity flute samples (by ear VS sinus wave).
  • Spatialized several dozen presets.
  • Some minor adjustments to reverb.
  • Replaced hand clap sample used in many drumsets, etc. with a much better sample recorded by Nikolay Georgiev.
  • Spacialized more instruments.
  • Replaced Calliope pad with a much more full and interesting one.
0.775 Replaced Acoustic Grand and Bright Grand GM presets with brand new ones. NOTE: I didn't make these pianos and I'm unsure who to credit; the SF2's were simply called "User Bank" and contained no comments.
  • Spacialized acoustic grand, bright acoustic, electric grand, honky tonk paino, Rhodes keyboard, Hammond keyboard, harpsichord, and clavinet.
  • Digital tuning of the trombone's samples came close to correct, but due to the slide nature of real trombone samples, some were off by a few cents. Corrected those by hand using a digital guitar tuner as reference.
  • High-velocity flute samples digitally tuned to correct pitch issues in certain keys.
  • Removed redundant reverberation effect on trombone.
  • Concert flute reworked yet again for a best-of-both-worlds approach. Short-attack concert flute samples were used for higher-velocity ranges, natural attack samples utilized in lower-velocity range.
  • Found and made use of better quality recordings of the same choral samples in previous versions of FatBoy (and UHD). This version's samples are both crisper and longer (for more natural-sounding looping).
  • Reworked GM concert flute using older samples for better versatility
  • Major cleanup and slight tuning adjustment of oboe.
  • Attenuation adjustment of "Bass & Lead" preset to coincide with other bass levels.
  • Corrected GM concert flute's soft velocity in low registers.
  • Corrected GM concert flute's hard velocity in high registers.
  • Slight adjustment to GM concert flute's volume envelope release.
  • Added just a touch of reverb to the nylon string guitar.
0.765 84 individual changes to sample start offsets of the GM solo violin instrument for more consistent and accurate attack thresholds.
0.764 Further adjustments to concert flute sample start point (attack).
  • Reduced reverberation on "bird tweets FX" GM preset (thanks to almeath for the report).
  • Shortened attack ramp-up on concert flute GM instrument by 50 samples to avoid overly soft notes when played legato.
0.762 Corrected a minor looping error.
0.761 Replaced Accordion preset with samples requiring less complex modulators.
  • Extremely precise digital tuning of all instruments for optimal balance.
  • Better spacialization of several presets.
  • Added minor reverb to several more instruments.
  • In ScummVM 2.0.0 (at least with FluidSynth), you should be able to use FatBoy 0.76 at the default 1.00 MIDI gain for perfect music / effect volume VS digital effects and speech. No adjustments are needed in most cases.
  • Completely reworked English Horn to sustain/vibrato much less abrasively, especially when solo.
  • Volume fine-tuning of all non-percussion presets to more closely match the drum-to-instrument ratio of the SC-55/88.
  • Fixed attack issues with a few stringed instruments.
  • Added hand-built concert harp I made from scrap samples.
  • More minor adjustments to attenuation.
  • Corrected an occasional click artifact with trombone when very short notes played (thanks to SierraGuy81 for the report).
  • Better spacial orientation for several instruments.
  • Light default reverb added to a few instruments, e.g. the flute, to more closely match the Roland precedent.
  • Spatialized harp preset to better fit within large, stereo mixes.
  • Adjusted attenuation on strings and a few other instruments.
  • Corrected root notes, tuning and DC bias for trombone.
  • Gave up on fixing the out-of-tune but otherwise excellent French Horns samples I was using and reverted to an unfinished but also first-rate preset from an old, abandoned orchestral SF2 I found on an FTP server.
0.700 Initial public release